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Now how do we word this??? 
Basically when you make an appointment please be on time. When you are late it causes a few issues. Stress to us for one. If you are late you can throw off our entire day. 
When you are late it shows your time is more valuable than other peoples time. Not very nice sounding is it. 
If you are more than 5 minutes late your appointment may be rescheduled to avoid making the next client late. 
We truly appreciate your business and want to have an amazing day just as you want an amazing service.
 Just simply be on time. 
We do understand some things come up so know this is more for those habitually late folks, or is it. ?  :) 
Thanks so much! 

Also know we schedule appointments back to back and are rarely ever running late as we allow enough time for check in and out because we recognize your time as valuable too. 

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